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We believe that technological progression shape our thoughts, the next generations won’t be interested in exploiting their own business environment. Economies seeking sudden and unlimited profit will soon be replaced with new economic colonies, where cooperation and distributivity will be the new keywords.

Our Mission

We believe that the key to economic development is the creation of knowledge intensive internationally marketable technologies  and their inland implementation. We seek out such technologies and incubate them, help them reach their market. Our work is defined by the triangle of

Our Pillars

market vialibity

and social utility

economic sustainability

To achieve our goals we have established business programs to support and rethink together:


  •  the incubation of innovative enterprises and the market entry of start-ups,

  •  the development of industry and the expansion of virtual manufacturing and other  
      fresh trends, (such as liOT, Industry 4.0),

  •  or the the development of the Hungarian investor and business angel ecosystem,


The summarized goal and vision of our Programs is:

Innovacion for the people


Our Program

The goal of Quantum Leap is the incubation and development pf innovative business ideas, startups capable of inducing significant social development.

Our Goal

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