„Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”

Elon Musk, car and space ship manufacturer (2005)




Together with Zsolt Weiszbart angel investor and member of Quantum Leap we incubated 5 startups, 2 of them succeeded, the other 3 unfortunately defaulted. Succesful startups: Distinction (acquisition by Skyscanner, 2014) and Nowtech (investment by OTP DayOne, 2014). Unsuccesful investments: Webee, Nightkick and Laookon (venture capital investment by BigGeorge’s Venture Funds, 2013). Since 2012 Valley Connect held several workshops, community events and trainings with the participation of over 300 people.


On behalf of PannonPro we incubate the greentech startups of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT, www.eit.org) since 2013. During these years with our partner Zoltán Kovács we incubated approximately 80 startups and helped turning innovative ideas into enterprises, with a network of partnerships covering 6 European countries. (Knowledge Innovation Community, KIC) Read more at: www.climate-kic.org


Enterprise Hungary Nonprofit Ltd. (EH) - with the support of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NRDIO) – launched our idea, which is the incubation of university innovations. We developed a special independent incubation methodology, that is currently operating in several regions with the leadership of EH: Debrecen, Győr and Miskolc. Read more at: www.startupcampus.hu


We launch our new incubation program in 2016 with the István Széchenyi University (SZE. The program is based on the methodology of Startup Campus, but focuses on the market utilization of technology transfer at the university and the akceleration of innovative idea sin Győr-Moson-Sopron.


In 2017 Quantum Leap won a non-refundable grant of 578.536.000 Forint on a tender called GINOP 2.1.5-15 „Innovation ecosystem” to support the incubation of startup projects. This subvention is being outsourced in partnership with Széchenyi István University to startups with big market potential and international market and investment perspective.

Details and application: http://quantumleap.hu/jelentkezés.html


This program, brought to life in 2017 with Groupama insurance company, has as its goal to help a couple of chosen idea owners and startups through an incubation process at the end of which they can advance to the level of market competitiveness. The program is built on the methodology of Open Innovation and its point is to have large companies implement startup methods to develop in a more creative and dynamic way. Throughout the program the participating teams are mentored by marketing and incubation experts who give support during the product development, the enhancement of a business plan and the testing of the prototype.

More information: https://quantumspace.hu

In 2017 we brought our Startup Campus program to an international level by creating an inspirational medium for innovation in London. The participants in our London program are Hungarian youth between the age of 18 and 30 who have motivation and an idea to undertake an enterprise and live in London or elsewhere in Great Britain. During this program we seek to build business relationships between internal and external partners and to channel the aquired knowledge of the participants. In these videos they talk about their experiences.

Az inkubáció során számos sikertelen fejlesztésünk volt, de néhányan piacilag is megállták a helyüket. Inkubációs referenciáink a teljesség igénye nélkül:


Piaci exit-jeink (zárójelben a felvásárló vagy későbbi tulajdonos):

Distinction Kft (Skyscanner), IndaVideo (Index.hu), Ivanka (Docler Holding), Nowtech (OTP Day-One)


Kockázati tőke bevonást realizáló projektek:

Control Labor, Distinction, IVANKA Factory, Lacerta Gmbh, Laokoon kft, Recobin, Webee


Inkubált startup-ok (nem teljes lista):

Biomon (anyagtechnológia), cShield (hegesztés), DESLA (ipari anyagtechnológia), Greener-than-Grass (organikus műtrágya-likvid), EMBER (hajóterv), IVANKA Concrete (esővíz-szűrő), Ivócsap (közösségi kút), iWasp (szoftvertechológia), JustPlug (mobil app), Levande (csokoládé), Magic Rock (öko-műtrágya), MaxWhere (virtual reality), MobileGap (mobiltechnológiai rendszerek), Planet Solaria (szolártechnológia), Recobin (öko-kuka), ReThink (3D nyomtatás), Roomim (mobilapplikáció), Spártai Vitamin (vegyipar), TinyWorld (mobilmédia), Upress (irodatechnika) és még több tucatnyi startup.



In the 2000s Quantum Leap created informative shows like Jövőnéző(TV3) and Delta(MTV). We develop startups and operate incubation programs since 2008, aiming at improving the Hungarian startup ecosystem. Our previous programs: Valley Connect (goals in Silicon Valley, with Zsolt Weiszbart), MyCorporation Incubation (cleantech incubation with Zoltán Kovács), Startup Underground (community startup conference, workshop series with Konrád Berényi), and Startup Budapest (startup cities and incubation plans, with László Tar). From these programs emerged our two most significant incubation programs continously developing several startups.

Incubation History

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